& here we have Hit-Boy teasing us.

Psychedelic Frankie

A kitten dies every time someone posts a picture of a tweet from a fake Frank Ocean account in the ‘Frank Ocean’ tag on Tumblr.

Awww see even this creepy ass doll is happy to be in Frankie’s presence! Everybody’s a fan!!!!!!!

Frank Ocean being the perfect human being that he is.


“I haven’t connected to a track like this in a really long time; What I found most beautiful about this project was the absence of limitation in the creative process. At its foundation, this project is for me an un-tainted form of art – No limitations, no boundaries, simply put it is pure artistic expression. It goes without saying, this is an incredibly fulfilling process for me, and one which helps me grow creatively. As with all film making, this was a collaborative process and I want to express my gratitude to Josh Aronson, our editor who took this project to another place.”  - Aristotle

Visualized by | Aristotle

Editor | Josh Aronson

A By Any Means production.